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Female-focused erotic shops with names like , that charts some of these changes.

He says there's been an increase in the number of adult shops, but they've also become more visible.'They've moved from the back streets into the main streets and into suburban shopping malls,' he tells .'There's also been a huge increase in the availability of pornography, particularly online.

For the latest observations, click on ' Eagle Diary' below. We see the male and female swap incubating duty an average of 10 times during daylight hours.

Less than two weeks to go to expected hatch date(s). At night, the female gets up for a stretch and to turn the eggs every 40-60 minutes.

Swiss company Terpon have developed a 3D-VR webcam designed specifically for the online adult-entrainment industry, allowing for a deeper level of realism and interaction than ever before.This Logitech C270 HD Webcam allows you to add video functionality to your laptop or desktop computer.It utilises Right Light technology to automatically adjust the settings to deliver the highest quality possible.After the burn, the cameras will be watching by day and night and we shall continue our research on the Parramatta River Sea-Eagles.Thank you to everyone for your interest and support of this project.While exclusively offering these 3D-VR webcams within the adult entertainment industry now, Artonne insists this is’t always going to be the case, with this initial distribution acting as the company’s proving ground to help develop the technology for a wider release.


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