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TP:n purjehtijoista palkittiin kuvassa vasemmalta: Esko ja Sari Aalto Lightningluokan SM-kullasta, Laura Pesola E-jollien alle 17 vuotiaitten EM-hopeasta sekä Risto Pesola Laser Standardin SM hopeasta. Purjehduskauden päätyttyä siirrämme veneet talvisäilöön, siivoamme sataman ympäristön ja rakennukset talvikuntoon.

Speak loud enough that people don't have to struggle to hear you.Above all The Apprentice is an entertainment show but it also seeks to educate people about business - and amongst all the bodged tasks, daft statements and half-baked ideas, there are some things to be learnt for our working lives.One of those lessons involves the art of pitching - something people are expected to be able to do to increasingly high standards these days.You can’t believe its over; but finally you got to sign the divorce papers and you are free once more to start life on a fresh page. Since you were so used to being attached to your married partner, you slowly and gradually loose hold of your own identity and personality. Getting in touch with that new part or side of you can be very challenging for most divorcees out there.That feeling of being single now becomes a whole new adventure and challenge.


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