Updating traditional dining room

I want her thoughts on how to update my dining room, which is stuck in a time warp — an era of big sideburns and wide lapels. It shows a lot of personality, the story of your life.” Suddenly she’s quiet. I tell her, “See, when DC and I got married and combined our households, and moved into the happy yellow house, our lives fell into place, but our furniture not so much.

“The rest of the house is transitional,” I say, using the industry buzzword for a style that bridges traditional and contemporary. ” (I make the sound of screeching breaks.) “It doesn’t flow.” As we speak, she clicks through my pictures. We’ve been updating the other rooms, but the dining room hasn’t changed since the day we moved in.

To recover her dining chairs, I suggested she use a pretty green and red floral fabric that would work with the red paint color.

updating traditional dining room-60

To get super modern, create multiple stacks of books with several inches of space in between them.

Choose classic-to-formal furniture pieces and add something to make them feel modern and relaxed.

Robert Goodwin took this already stylish Hanna chair from Oly Studio and added a modern twist to the seat cushion with a contemporary Dalmatian-inspired fabric.

I’m on the phone with Sarah Fishburne, director of trend and design for the Home Depot, one of the best jobs ever.

She gets paid to travel the world and go furniture shopping. As we chat, I email her half a dozen photos of my home.


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