Furniture updating

But first…I need to fix a couple of spots on the fabric. Yes…that is a picture of it to the right and yes…I did just apply it with my finger.

I have had these chairs for almost 10 years so they were bound to show a little wear & tear. LOL Let it dry and then lightly sand it until smooth. I used Amy Howard One-Step Paint in “Indian Summer” and a large wax brush to apply the paint to both sides of the fabric. The next step was to add Frog Tape Chevron Shape Tape to the fabric.

You can either attempt to match the existing finish or choose a stain that better coordinates with other pieces.

Once the frame is painted it was time to move onto the fabric.

I wanted to create something super fun, bright and playful.

I mean it’s lacking personality, has obviously seen better days and quite honestly…it look neglected. I thought to myself…”I loved it once so I can love it again” and I came up with a plan to make my patio furniture enjoyable again! The sun and weather has definitely taken the life from what once was a gorgeous set.

I couldn’t even bring myself to sit in it a few weeks ago during our first sprout of warm weather. The first step to this Patio Furniture Makeover was to wipe everything clean with TSP (follow instructions on package). The next step was to tape off the areas that I didn’t want to become green. When using a spray can, make sure the first coat is super light so that it’s just tacky.


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