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The Switch comprises a tablet-style device and docking station, so you can play the same games on your TV at home as when out and about.You slide the unit out of the dock, attach a couple of controllers either side and it becomes a powerful, fully-fledged handheld.Many of them featured the same game mechanics, but with a variety of genres I toyed with the idea of playing one or two titles from what appeared to be the major developers, doing a quick comparison, but then shelving the idea for some reason.Last month, I saw tweets from Wendy where she and friends were playing the same otome games I had passed up.

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Teen Sims do not get Woohoo, but are able to Mess Around. Sims need to have a relationship standing of around 40-50% in Romance to get it to appear.

With my curiosity peaked, I searched Android’s mobile store to see what the market was like, as I had also seen games such as before and knew an otome version was in development.

Anticipating the selection would be meager, I was shocked at the breadth of the mobile otome market.

There are other factors as well: Boosting Woohoo Success, and Factors that Lower it Sims who have a high Charisma Skill are more likely to have their Woohoo interaction accepted by another Sim.

I think it began with a game that was on sale on Steam.


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