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Smith, who was 222 pounds at the time, confessed, “Teresa sat me down on the first of November last year and said, ‘Listen to me, I love you and I’m not going anywhere, but this lifestyle that you’re leading is not going to work.'” Smith’s lady love shipped him off to a trainer and his life started to turn around.

“I felt like I’d been in a death spiral, and I realized I needed to be healthy and strong for my family,” he said.

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Shinedown singer Brent Smith waged a serious battle with his body during his formative years as a rock star. Life on the road is a playing field for hedonistic tendencies.

In an interview with Smith managed to stop using cocaine and painkillers, and eventually ceased drinking alcoholic beverages. Ditching drugs caused his weight to balloon, since he exchanged one addiction for another.

The partnership between Shinedown and Atlantic Records has been incredibly innovative from your social media presence to being the first band to release an interactive book for tablets. Well, as far as Atlantic Records is concerned, they’ve always been at the forefront of making sure artist development is key–there is none better than the team at Atlantic Records.

I’m a fan of Meat Loaf but she wasn’t talking about a musical comparison.

That explains why Skynyrd helped Todd and singer Brent Smith find musicians when they were working on the demos for their debut album, which was recorded at Made in the Shade, a studio owned by Ronnie's widow, Judy Van Zant.

Smith even stayed in Judy's guest house during the recording of what became Shinedown's Leave a Whisper.

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