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At first blush, it would be easy to assume that the such a project, stemming from the gaming world, would be at best childish and and worst exploitative.

But instead it has been commended for its sensitivity on the topic of LGBT parenthood, and for the breadth of the game's inclusivity.

The protagonist of the game centers on a gay man who lost his husband, for instance, and includes gay dads of all stripes, colors, and persuasions, including a goth trans dad named Damien Bloodmarch."Every one of the characters turn out to have more depth than you'd assume," said a recent reviewer of the game on Steam, the online gaming curator.

"None of them feel one-note or stereotypical as you learn more about each of them."As a result, has been a surprise hit, currently charting among the Steam's top sellers."I think people thought it was a joke at first because we did announce it on Father's Day, but it did quickly become very serious that we weren't really joking in the way they thought we were," Vernon Shaw, a co-creator of the game, said in a recent interview on the podcast Shaw's co-creator, Leighton Gray, is a queer woman who says she is excited the game has found an audience.

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Following the death of your spouse, you and Amanda move to a new neighborhood, which is conveniently filled with many other available gay dads for you to court.You get to build yourself as a hot dad and give them a “dadsona”, and then must navigate the dating scene of Maple Bay.The game was announced this weekend and is created by the same people who created Game Grumps.Included are mini-games to complete, multiple endings and voice acting by members of the show Game Grumps.The player is able to customize the appearance of their player character.Romance can follow, if you’re into that, but also gives its players space to explore themes like fatherhood, male bonding, and friendship.


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