Updating openfiler

Yes, I do still use my Openfiler, it works for me(tm) and I do like it. During the installation, I did NOT partition or format the DATA volume (the second RAID volume) The server booted up successfully and displayed the main login screen.Consider this an "Openfiler Quick Configuration Guide". Since the DATA volume needs to be larger than 2TB, I need to change the type from See runs on port 446 for some ungodly reason.The current version of Openfiler uses the Conary package management system, a system developed by r Path, Inc., a technology outfit based in Raleigh, North Carolina.The development of that version was at a standstill for a very long time, that at one point, users thought that development had ceased.In most cases, this would be a Storage Area Network (SAN), which generally start at US,000.For those who want to become familiar with Oracle RAC 11 Release 2 system using commercial off-the-shelf components and downloadable software at an estimated cost of US,200 to US,700.A small two-node cluster can cost from US,000 to well over US,000.

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That means when the port is completed, Openfiler will be using the package management system.

An Oracle database is installed and configured on the node The Linux Open-i SCSI Initiator is a built-in package included with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 or later, however, in most cases it does not get installed by default.

The Open-i SCSI Initiator software is included in the package which can be found on CD #1.

A test ISO installation image of the Cent OS edition is already available for download. Here are a few screen shots from a test installation that I prepared in a virtual environment. The installer uses Anaconda version , a very old version of the Fedora systems installer.

Openfiler is supposed to come with a Web-based management interface, but it appears that for this initial Cent OS port, that interface is not yet ready for use.


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