Who is oliver sykes dating 2016

Awards, which is also good but obviously people like us in that scene.’ Oli may not be willing to admit how noble he was – but Coldplay definitely haven’t got the last laugh on this one.

He has been in relationships with Felice Fawn, Miss Stranger, Jess P in 2012 and Cristina Piccone in 2011-2012, Amanda Hendrick in 2008 -2012, Amy Barton in 2008, Abigail Halliday in 2008, Sj Whiteley in 2004-2008, Jazz Atkin in 2003-2004, Ling Ling in 2001.

Oli hinted that he wanted to ‘make an impression somehow’ seeing as his band are usually featured on the pages of Kerrang! He added: ‘You know when you know nobody is going to care about your band if you just do what you usually do.

It was one of those things when you are like you are going to have to make an impression somehow.’ On picking up the Innovation gong at the awards, he added: ‘It’s cool for us because we usually just get Kerrang!

People, it’s ON: the rumoured feud between Bring Me The Horizon and Coldplay stepped up to the next level at this year’s NME Awards, when Oli Sykes decided to perform – in the middle of Coldplay’s table.

He told BANG Showbiz: 'We were aiming for Yoko Ono! it wasn't a dirty protest.' Oli said: 'You know when you know nobody is going to care about your band if you just do what you usually do.But it can be seen in the band’s success – it wasn’t a coincidence, it seems, that it was an award for Sempiternal that Sykes chose to announce that he had been in rehab and was now recovering.“It sounds kind of stupid to say me having a problem with drugs is the reason why we’re big now,” he says.Oli even stepped on Chris Martin as he clambered on to the table, where he kicked their booze over until the table toppled.But now the frontman is claiming the act was not a ‘dirty protest’ – or an avant-garde review of Coldplay’s back-catalogue. He said he wanted to hear us so I brought it as close as possible.‘Only because Yoko – I didn’t want to risk her life as well as mine!


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