Dating small talk topics

Ideally small talk will uncover common interests, business alignments, the six degrees that separate you, potential need for your product or service, and basically whether or not you enjoy each other’s company.The goal is not to become best friends or a new client on the spot.This article discusses my general approach for first date conversations with online dating.If you’re instead looking for a list ideas, check out my article on First Date Questions and Conversation Starters.When it comes to talking to women, it seems one of the hardest aspects for men is making small talk. While a little playful “banter” with a woman is fine… A.) Women love small talk that involves conversation topics that they find interesting. D.) You also want to avoid small talk topics that could lead to unnecessary ill feelings.

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I'm not sure that there is any actual data to support this, but first dates are the most stressful moment in a person's life.

When looking for a conversation partner in a crowded room, there are three likely scenarios that make it easy to initiate dialogue: –Fun, inviting groups –White-knuckled loners who look uncomfortable and will welcome your attempt to initiate dialogue –Familiar faces Questions to get the conversations flowing: “What’s your connection to the event?

” This question can uncover mutual contacts and usually leads to a more robust answer than if you asked the typical “Have you been to this event before?

It is an excellent way to add some enthusiasm into a conversation that has hit a lull, especially if he/she would prefer to be doing that activity at that moment. ” This question can lead to conversations about family, reveal special interests and, if you like talking about travel, it’s a sure-fire way to keep a conversation interesting. ” This question makes it easy to launch into a deeper connection.

If they’re not involved with any projects, they often share reasons which is usually revealing, and if they are doing something of value they will be more than happy to share. ” For some, the path to where they are today can be quite an interesting ordeal.


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