Validating a high performance programmable secure coprocessor

This paper describes known physical attacks, ranging from simple attacks that require little skill or resource, to complex attacks that require trained, technical people and considerable resources.

Physical security methods to deter or prevent these attacks are presented.

As the value of data on computing systems increases and operating systems become more secure, physical attacks on computing systems to steal or modify assets become more likely.

This technology requires constant review and improvement, just as other competitive technologies need review to stay at the leading edge.

This work extends to other application domains, such as distributing and sharing academic research data.

In our own lab, we have been exploring [16] usin...

Citation Context ...mmable secure coprocessor platform must address the complexities of shipping, upgrades, maintenance, and hostile code for a generic platform that can be configured and maintained in the hostile field =-=[22]-=-.

We a p ply cryptographic techniques to t he problem of fraud in metered mail. T h e U S P ostal Service' recent Information Based Indicia Program (IBIP) announcement a d o pted the principal design features of our model.

We de s c r i b e a m ail system that combines oo-the-shelf barcode t echnology, t amper-proof devices, and cryptography in a fully-integrated secure franking system. Tampering w i t h postage meters to f r a udulently obtain extra postagee 2.


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