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Jason Bateman supplies the voice of Judy's underachieving nemesis/sidekick, a small-time hustler fox named Nick Wilde; Idris Elba is Judy's boss, the intimidating Cape buffalo police chief; and Jenny Slate is the assistant mayor, a sheep just trying to give another prey animal a hoof up in the world.

Howard pitched the film to Disney Chief Creative Officer John Lasseter five years ago, on the hopes of working on a movie like one of his favorites, the 1973 Disney animated version of "Robin Hood," but using the tools of modern computer animation."[Lasseter] said, 'I will fully support any movie that has animals running around in tiny clothes,'" Howard said.

'" said "Wreck-It Ralph's" Rich Moore, who directed "Zootopia" with Byron Howard ("Tangled") and co-director Jared Bush. We've been happy to find that both the humor and the meat of it are resonating, that people are finding meaning in the film beyond just jokes and a caper."------------For the Record March 4, a.m.: An earlier version of this post said Jared Bush is one of "Zootopia's" directors.

His title is co-director.------------Whereas Pixar films such as "Up" and "Inside Out" relied on sophisticated psychology, and Dream Works Animation's "Shrek" included knowing inside jokes, "Zootopia" takes the idea of animated family film into new terrain, combining a visually rich world with smart, timely ideas. Critics have embraced the movie, which is rated 100% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, and early box office reports suggest "Zootopia" may open nearly as strongly as another Disney Animation juggernaut, "Frozen," did in its first weekend.

The meeting of the descendants, many of whom are people of color, was organized by, which also created a powerful new ad featuring the group.

The ad, and the painting recreation at the end of the clip, show how much the country has evolved since the Declaration of Independence was created by seven white men in 1776.

Trumbull's iconic painting, The Declaration of the Independence, shows Thomas Jefferson presenting the first draft of the document to Congress.

The final draft of the Declaration of Independence was signed by 56 men in 1776.

A team from spent hours tracking down and verifying the identities of descendants as part of a July 4 ad campaign.


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